Tax Preparation, Planning & Business Services

Given the complex nature of the US tax code, strategic tax planning is more critical than ever. The tax team at ARS Wealth Advisors takes a forward-thinking, proactive approach to helping our clients minimize their tax liability and maximize their savings, integrating our tax expertise into the overall wealth planning process.

Tax Preparation

  • Today’s tax laws are so complex that it is almost always beneficial to have a tax professional on your side, unless your financial affairs are extremely simple.
  • We prepare hundreds of individual, business, trust, estate, not-for-profit, and other tax returns each year. We know what to look for in the preparation of your tax return and provide an easily accessible CPA to answer any questions that you may have.
  • We provide up-front, competitive, and transparent pricing for tax preparation and consulting engagements.

Tax Planning

  • The ARS team reviews all clients’ financial situations from a tax perspective, as well, in order to ensure maximum tax and financial efficiency. By integrating tax planning with every aspect of the client’s financial portfolio, we can help make tax-efficient decisions.
  • As tax laws, regulations, and needs change, we help clients revise planning strategies to reflect new circumstances.
  • Our expert staff provides year-round tax consultation to provide a proactive approach in identifying and taking advantage of any potential tax savings throughout the year.
  • We will analyze tax consequences with different scenarios when it comes to trust and estate planning to help you establish, maintain, and execute a well-designed trust.

Business Services

  • As a small business owner, your responsibility is to ensure the success of your business. We have the capability to provide you with any necessary consultation services to help you throughout the year.
  • Our staff can provide reconciliations, financial statements, QuickBooks review, retirement plan assistance, and a variety of other business accounting and consulting services to help your business achieve its goals.
  • We are always on hand to provide you with business consultations so that you fully understand how to interpret and use the financial information that we provide.
  • If you own a business, retirement and succession planning is not as easy as walking away. We help to address the key issues with designing a succession plan that is imperative to the survival of the business.

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