Who We Are

ARS Wealth Advisors is a professional wealth management firm.

And we’re one of the best, according to more than a decade of national, regional and local rankings published in trade, business and national financial publications. If you care about that sort of thing.

Recognition is nice – but only if it’s backed up by happy clients. Because that’s our one and only mission: To help our clients meet their individual financial goals.

We’re not bound to a brokerage firm, so we have no interest in selling proprietary investment products – our success is exclusively tied to yours. And, because we choose to operate as a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, we have an obligation by law – in addition to our own company code – to act in your best interest. Not everyone is held to that standard.

We’re not just investment pros. We’re MBAs, CPAs, CFPs, CFAs, and more – and we’re closely affiliated with some of the most respected tax, legal and insurance professionals in the business. We offer a full continuum of financial services.

Founded in 1997, we’ve seen markets go up and down. Interest rates in near-constant flux. Bubbles build and burst. And we’ve stayed on top of it all. Our investment team has more than 100 years of combined experience, and our clients reap the benefits.

At ARS, we’ve stayed small by design – carefully selecting team members with experience, credentials and commitment to our clients. Despite or focus on remaining small, our approach to providing the highest quality, personalized service has allowed us to grow our assets under management to ~$590 million while serving clients throughout Florida and 33 other states.

Our Team

Our team is our most valuable asset – so at ARS, we choose our colleagues with care. Here, you’ll find people with the depth of expertise in financial services that you expect from a top-rated investment firm … as well as well-rounded personal and professional experiences that give us a unique perspective when crafting strategies tailored to your individual goals.

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